About the grants

Applications will be considered by a panel. The panel will be unaware of the identity of any applicants and all applicants will have had to provide supporting evidence to prove they are an ADI or PDI and of their need for funding before the application is passed to the deciding panel. Small grants, up to a maximum of £500 per household, will be made on a one-off basis only. Payments will be made via bank transfer into the recipients’ UK bank account.

No expenses will be taken by the organisers or by the panel and all monies received will be used wholly for the fund to help ADIs and PDIs (other than any bank charges that may be incurred). There will be an independent auditor, who is not an ADI, to monitor and audit the income, expenditure, and bank account.


  • The person applying must be an ADI or PDI or acting on behalf of, or in the interests of, an ADI or PDI or their family.
  • Applications may be made on behalf of a person, but proof of necessity must be provided.
  • Only one application will be considered per household, however this may be a joint application if two or more ADIs in the same household require assistance.
  • A panel will consider each application based on individual merit.

How to apply for assistance

An initial application for funding is to be made by email to

An application form will then be sent to the applicant. All applications must be received on this form.

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